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At The Helm

Armen started KEA Engineers in March of 1984 and has been the president and managing director of the firm. He is licensed in 25 states nationwide and is still active in overseeing much of the design that is produced by the firm. Presently Armen is devoting more of his time to marketing the firm and to the general administration.

Since Adam’s joining the firm in 2005, the workload and the staff have grown steadily to the present levels. Adam has gradually taken over the administration of the staff and the management of the projects. He is responsible for all of the hiring and salary negotiations of the staff. He is also responsible of the supervision of all of the project managers as well as the department heads at KEA. He attends most of the project meetings and reviews all of the MEP design concepts while the projects are in their preliminary stages. Adam is also responsible for the monitoring of the internal performance levels of all projects. KEA uses an external software service for tracking project performance and scheduling. Adam is further responsible for keeping all design software licenses up to date and for upgrading the hardware on a regular basis.